Harsh economic and political conditions lead to violence against women

a 2009 study published by the Gaza-based Palestinian Women’s Information and Media Centre found that 67 percent of Palestinian women reported being subjected to verbal violence on a regular basis, 71 percent to psychological violence, 52.4 percent to physical violence and 14.5 percent to sexual violence.*


Contributors of violence against women in Palestine are the harsh economic conditions as a result of the Israeli occupation as well as political realities. In addition, the Palestinian patriarchal culture contributes to violence against women (women are not viewed as equal to men), and existing legal penal codes left over from Jordanian law and the British mandate alleviate punishment for violence against women.

However there are currently steps being taken to combat this violence, which will be explored later on in the blog and essay.

*The numbers are probably a lot higher because there is still a stigma surrounding sexual violence in some of these communities.


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